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how kilishi delivered works

The Basic

Kilishi is a meat snack for all occasions. It is a version of jerky that originated in Saharan West Africa, particularly the Hausa-Fulani lands. It is a dried form of Suya, and is made from Lean beef. In order words, it is made from Meat that has been trimmed completely of Fat, in combination with spices and other plant ingredients


Health Fact

It's high in protein, and low in Fat, and we use grass fed beef. It is a very healthy snack and quite beneficial to weight loss. Amazingly, you don’t have to worry about preservation as Kilishi can last for duration of between six months to one year when stored in a cool and dry place.

How can I eat It?

Limitless.  It is a great and fulfilling snack for all occasions.  Its a great for post-work out snacking, hiking trips, road trips,  social events and gathering, or just stocking your office/home kitchen! It's great in salads, pizzas, breakfast, and even sandwiches. 

How Its Made

 Wafer thin sheets of lean meat is dried and coated with spices which is again left to dry before it is slow roasted to a fingerlickin'  taste. The thin sheets, spices, and two stage drying process makes Kilishi more delightfully delicious and longer lasting than Jerky. 






Kilishi Delivered is the sole online distributor & marketer of Albarkah Foods Kilishi products,  for delivery to consumers across Canada and the US. We deliver great tasty Kilishi, crafted to perfection in Canada from  grass fed beef, right to the front doors of our customers in no time. 

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