Frequently asked questions

Where does our Halal meat products come from?

We source our products from small halal farms across alberta for distribution to custormers. Our choice for small rather than large farms is to ensure that our products come from animals who are raised and slaughtered in the most humane manner as possible, unlike in large farms where animals are raised on an industrial scale.

How Fresh is Our Halal Meat products?

to safeguard the quality and freshness of our halal meat products, we order for slaughter of animals from our participating farms within Alberta only upon receiving purchase orders from our customers. Our halal meats are flash frozen and vacuum wrapped immediately after the butchering process is complete. This process is 100% certified to the highest standards of halal practices.

How do I place my order?

Placing your order can be done in 3 simple steps: STEP 1: Sign Up / Log in ​STEP 2: Add to your Cart the animal product and quantity you like. ​STEP 3: Go to check-out and choose payment options. You would recieve a notification from us to confirm your order for delivery.​

How soon do I recieve my order?

Depending on product availabilty, you could have your order delivered within 24 hours of purchase. However, since we safeguard the freshness of our meat products by slaughtering animals as orders are recieved from our customers, Average delivery period is 1-3 days.

What Happens if I am not Home at time of delivery?

We notify our customers before we go to their delivery address to know if they or someone would be home. If not, they can set up an alternative date for us to return.

Whats Halal Meat Delivered's Return Policy?

Nothing is more important than the needs of our customers. Our customers are always our first priority in our return policy. We are committed to offering you the very best service and the very best product and we guarantee the quality of all products you order from us. It is essential that you check your delivery is complete when receiving your order. Halal Meat Delivered cannot honour shortage claims if you have signed to confirm your order was complete at the time of delivery. Halal Meat Delivered will use this information to ensure you are refunded for any items you did not receive. To ensure food safety guidelines and to maintain our high standards of customer service refrigerate immediately. Once a delivery has been completed we cannot accept returns under the following circumstances as explained. Products are perishable and it is essential that you thoroughly inspect all products at the time of delivery. Due to the nature of the products, our commitment to product integrity and food safety, we are unable to accept the return of any product delivered to you. Complaints in respect of service will be reviewed by our team and we promise to respond to you within 48 hours whenever possible.

Are Our Halal Meat Products Frozen?

Our halal meats are flash frozen and packaged immediately after the butchering process is complete. This process is 100% certified to the highest standards of halal practices.

What’s the difference between Grocery Store halal meat and Ours?

All Halal meats products from Halal Meat Delivered come from pasture-raised animals that are sourced from local farms in Alberta, farm who use humane practices. Our meat product come from animals that are slaughtered when orders are recieved from custormers. These ensures our halal meat is delicious and healthy!

Why have I never heard of this?

This is a new company that has been launched in 2018 to service the growing demand for halal meats in Alberta. We offer an innovative way to receive Halal meat affordably and in the most convenient way possible. Still can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Click here to email us or Call (403) 585-8072, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Does Halal Meat Delivered delivers to apartments?

Yes! Either call or write delivery instructions on your shopping Checkout Delivery Note.

Operating Hours

7 days a week from 8 am - 10 pm





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