A Brief History & Health Benefits of Kilishi

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Is a delicacy of the Hausa people in Northern Nigeria, the word Kilishi’s literal translation is “Dried Meat” or the North American version of “Jerky”.

Kilishi is prepared using deboned cow, sheep or goat meat. Each selected muscle is sliced into thin strips of 1 meter or less for ease of drying. Once the meat is stripped and the fat is removed the meat is tenderized with a special paste called “Labu” which is made from Peanuts, spices, salt, ground onions and diluted with water, sometimes to sweeten the meat honey is also added to the Labu paste.

Kilishi is a vital source of energy with high levels of protein which also boosts the body’s metabolism which is good for weight loss without compensating on energy.

Kilishi is free of carbs & garlic which is one of the main ingredients is a proven remedy for cardiovascular health because of its anti-oxidant properties it’s low on cholesterol and helps regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Its low on fat since the fat is stripped in the very early stages of preparation, it’s a great snack for on the go activities like, hiking a trail & bicycling.

Kilishi is edible for between 6-13 months of being prepared as long as it’s kept in a dry cool place. The original Kilishi recipe is void of any additives, preservatives & flavors, colors or msg. the natural ingredients that go into preparing Kilishi allow it to be preserved and used for this length of time.

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