Like football and music, Kilishi has been uniting Nigerians for decades now

“Uniting Nigerians?” our correspondent asked. “Yes, and I will tell you how,” he replied.

Kayode, a 32-year-old engineer narrated his experience in a bus from Abuja en route Lagos state, south-west Nigeria.

But there was a problem.

“We were in the bus for over four hours of the 10-12 hour journey and no one said a word to each other,” he began.

“As we approached Okene, Kogi state, I bought a chilled bottle of soft drink from the roadside sellers, reached for a wrap of kilishi that I bought from this market the previous day,” Kayode said as his face lit up with impish glee.

“At this moment, I had the attention of those on same line with me. Not happy with the mood in the bus, I gladly offered them the kilishi. It passed from one seat to the other with almost everyone partaking of the offering.

“That was the beginning of an interesting journey; conversations, banters and so on. It was a whole different experience afterwards.

“Travelling to Lagos tomorrow for a contract I got through a guy I met in that bus so I came to get more kilishi,” Kayode revealed, as he moved closer to his favourite vendor of the product.

Such is the power of Kilishi, the north’s gift to Nigeria and the world.







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