Most shoppers are prepared to spend more on meats at stores if it's labelled 'fresh' and 'halal'. But 'fresh' and 'halal' can be used to describe food that has been heat-treated, part-frozen, industrially or chemically altered and stored for weeks on end. 

According to statistics Canada, about 60% of lamb & goat meat consumed in the country are imported from New Zealand. Thus, 60% of the “fresh” Halal meats available at our stores have already travelled at least 8500 miles by ship, taking 2 – 3 months from being transported across the world, and another month before reaching your local stores. And these animals are mostly inhumanely raised on industrial scale with growth hormones, anti-biotics etc to drive home profits, and slaughtered in front of one another, which often begs for questions of how halal are the “halal” meats out there?  Please investigate how fresh and halal your meat really is.

What Makes Our Custormer Service Special:

Our Halal Meats are from animals that are locally sourced from small farms across Alberta, where animals are raised very humanely. Animals from our participating farms are 100% pasture fed and humanely slaughtered according to Islamic jurisdiction.

Our animals are slaughtered as orders are put in from customers, this way, the meat freshness is never compromised when it is delivered to a customer. We most prefer to deliver Halal meats orders straight to our customers on the day it was slaughtered. However, the longest an animal could stay refrigerated after slaughter, and before it reaches our customer are as follows:


Halal Goat, Lamb, and Veal: 7 days

Halal Chicken: 1 dayHalal Beef: 10 days

In addition to safeguarding the freshness of your Halal meat, our Free Delivery service also saves you the trip to the stores for Halal meats.

Our Halal meat prices are the most cost effective, pound for pound, quality for quality!





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